Didn't make it? Never mind! Official echoes of Šary Vary festival in Prague and Brno

The last day of the 55th Karlovy Vary IFF marks the first day of Šary Vary, the official festival echoes. This year Šary Vary take place from Saturday 28th August to Friday 3rd September in Prague and Brno. Cinemas Aero, Světozor, Přítomnost and Scala University Cinema are screening 25 selected films from this year's edition.



Cinema Světozor
Vodičkova 41
110 00 Praha

Cinema Aero
Biskupcova 31
130 00 Praha

Cinema Přítomnost
Siwiecova 1
130 00 Praha

Scala University Cinema
Moravské náměstí 3
602 00 Brno

Tickets are 140 CZK at University Cinema Scala (120 CZK senior, student and ZTP), 140 CZK at Aero Cinema (110 CZK senior, student and ZTP), 159 CZK at Světozor Cinema, 210 CZK at Boutique Cinema Přítomnost.

Reservations for Aero and Světozor cinemas
You can reserve your tickets on 608 330 088 from Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm. You can also buy your tickets online on the cinemas' websites.