Šary Vary will bring 29 festival films to Prague and Brno

The last day of the Karlovy Vary IFF traditionally marks the first day of the Official Festival Echoes. Between July 7th and 15th, viewers will have a chance to catch up on what they missed in the packed festival program. This years' 29 films will be screened during the Echoes.



All screenings are in original language with Czech subtitles. There's plenty of English-friendly screenings which are marked by EF tag.

Tickets are 130 CZK in Aero and Scala cinemas or 140 CZK in Světozor cinema (120 CZK seniors, students). Exact price is available on the cinemas' websites.

You can reserve your tickets on 608 330 088 from Monday to Friday, 10am-5pm. You can also buy your tickets online on the cinemas‘ websites.

  Světozor, Great hall Světozor, Small hall Aero Scala
7. 7. 2018
15.30 Fugue EF
18.00 Lucia’s Grace EF
20.30 Happy as Lazzaro

18.15 Cirkus Rwanda
20.45 Loveling

18.00 Girl EF
20.30 Leave No Trace EF
23:00 Hostiles EF

18.00 Loveling
20.30 The Guilty
23.00 Cirkus Rwanda
8. 7. 2018
15.30 Breaking News EF
17:45 Sink or Swim EF
20.30 Zama EF

18.15 Summer
20.45 Hostiles EF

18.00 Fugue EF
20.30 The Guilty

18.00 When the War Comes EF
20.30 Sweet Country EF
9. 7. 2018
15.30 Redemption EF
18.00 The Guilty
20.30 Awarded Film of the 53rd KV IFF:
I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians

18.15 Leave No Trace EF
20.45 When the War Comes EF

18.00 Winter Flies
20.30 Summer

18.00 Sink or Swim EF
20.30 Domestique
10. 7. 2018
15.30 Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana EF

18.15 Loveling
20.45 Girl EF

18.00 Domestique
20.30 Everybody Knows

18.00 Happy as Lazzaro
20.30 Everybody knows
11. 7. 2018
15.30 Jumpman EF
17.45 Summer
20.30 Cold War

18.15 The Guilty
20.45 Sweet Country EF

18.00 Happy as Lazzaro
20.30 Loveling

18.00 Girl EF
20.30 Cold War
12. 7. 2018
15.30 Winter Flies
18.00 The World Is Yours EF
20.30 Everybody Knows

18.15 Accumulator 1 EF
20.45 Cold War

18.00 Panic Attack EF
20.30 Cold War

18.00 Putin's Witnesses EF
20.30 Summer
13. 7. 2018
15.30 History of Love EF
18.00 Diamantino EF
20.30 Climax EF

18.15 Cold War
20.45 Loveling

18.00 Cirkus Rwanda
20.30 Wildlife EF
22.45 The Guilty

18.00 Loveling
20.30 Leave No Trace EF
23.00 Accumulator 1
14. 7. 2018
15.30 Leave No Trace EF
18.00 Loveling
20.30 Domestique

18.15 Summer
20.45 The Guilty

18.00 Cold War
20.30 Sink or Swim EF
23.00 Accumulator 1 EF

18.00 Winter Flies
20.30 Hostiles EF
23.00 Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana EF
15. 7. 2018
15.30 Putin’s Witnesses EF
18.00 The Guilty
20.30 Hostiles EF

18.15 Fugue EF
20.45 Cold War

18.00 Loveling
20.30 Sweet Country EF

18.00 Cold War
20.30 The Guilty


Accumulator 1

Akumulátor 1
Directed by: Jan Svěrák
Czechia, 1994, 102 min

In this unusual action sci-fi comedy a secret parallel reality exists behind the television screen – some sort of world “behind the mirror” filled with corresponding images of us that siphon off our strength. Sheepish outsider Olda is going to have to battle his vigorously demanding double – with the remote slung pretty damn low around his waist. World premiere of the remastered version.

When the War Comes

Až přijde válka EF
Directed by: Jan Gebert
Czechia / Croatia, 2018, 76 min

Teenager Petr heads the Slovak Recruits paramilitary group, which endeavours to “defend and preserve the nation. This “playing at soldiers” is chilling and more reminiscent of a humiliating drill. Petr’s ambitions, however, go beyond disciplining his contemporaries. The desire of irate young men to take things firmly into their own hands helps to illustrate a social atmosphere in which success comes to leaders who inveigh against artificially created enemies – under the pretext of protecting traditional values. The film was screened in the Panorama section at this year’s Berlinale.

Leave No Trace

Beze stop EF
Directed by: Debra Granik
USA, 2018, 119 min

Fifteen-year-old Tom lives with her father in the woods on the edge of Portland. Voluntary isolation from “normal society” allows them to create a reality of pure, simple joys untainted by civilization. But one day the surrounding world rears its ugly head, and confrontation is unavoidable. Creator of the acclaimed Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik turned in one of the highlights of this year’s Sundance fest.

Cirkus Rwanda

Cirkus Rwanda
Directed by: Michal Varga
Czechia / Slovakia, 2018, 80 min

Rosťa Novák, the face of Cirk La Putyka, has decided to train for a performance with a Rwandan troupe of acrobats. But can they get on together, two teams that are used to such different work tempos and styles? A unique documentary that takes a peek behind the scenes of the thrilling show Hit, Tell the Difference from Prague’s Letní Letná festival.


Diamantino EF
Directed by: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Portugal / France / Brazíl, 2018, 92 min

Diamantino is a Portuguese soccer player enjoying international stardom. When he fails to deliver the goods during an all-important championship cup final, he sets out on a delirious odyssey in search of talent and true love, during which he is confronted with the refugee crisis, genetic engineering, and neo-fascism. The piece earned a reputation as the most singular film at Cannes 2018 where it took the Critics’ Week Grand Prize.


Dívka EF
Directed by: Lukas Dhont
Belgium, 2018, 105 min

Sixteen-year-old Lara wants to become a ballet dancer. Besides her demanding studies, however, she is also waging a relentless daily battle. Since childhood, she has known she was born into the wrong body… This empathetic picture, about the courage to accept yourself, won the Camera d’Or for best debut at this year’s festival in Cannes.


Directed by: Adam Sedlák
Czechia, Slovakia, 2018, 116 min

Top cyclist Roman has had enough of serving as a domestique, a bicycle racer who sacrifices for the team. And since strenuous training and a strict regimen don’t lead to the type of performance he longs for, he sets up an oxygen tent at home. His obsession with having a sports career, however, renders him oblivious to his wife Šarlota’s desire to have a baby. A claustrophobic drama on the utter breakdown of a marriage almost suffocated by a machine that oxygenates the blood.

Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana

Pidä huivista kiinni, Tatjana EF
Directed by: Aki Kaurismäki
Finland, 1994, 60 min

Aki Kaurismäki’s style is immediately apparent. An economical approach and an ability – ostensibly employing the simplest means possible – to capture the essence of people and of life’s principal values. A flair for evoking an atmosphere in which melancholy blends with gentle irony. And this unconventional road movie documents the filmmaker’s penchant for his own perennial heroes and stories – diffident outsiders and their rarely fulfilled desire for happiness.


Geula EF
Directed by: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
Israel, 2018, 100 min

Being able to care for a gravely ill daughter is of the utmost importance to a loving father. The treatment which is to give the child a new chance at life is something the poorly paid widower simply can’t afford. The idea to start performing again with a rock band from his early days, however, sees the devout man confronting not only those around him but – above all – himself as well.


Directed by: Kirill Serebrennikov
Russia / France, 2018, 126 min

Leningrad, the beginning of the 1980s. The grey gloom of political repression is brightened by an emerging edgy rock movement. Mike, frontman of the band Zoopark, meets young musician Viktor, who’s soon to become a Russian rock legend… Kirill Serebrennikov offers a visually polished tribute to artists whose music changed the world.


Directed by: Gustavo Passos Pizzi
Brazil / Uruguay / Germany, 2018, 95 min

A large and lively family live on the outskirts of Rio. During heated days full of pranks and mutual teasing, Irene prepares for her son’s sudden departure abroad. This heartfelt film, about growing up too fast, maternal love, and family solidarity, garnered buzz at Sundance and Rotterdam.

Breaking news

Mimořádná zpráva EF
Directed by: Tomáš Bojar
Czechia, 2018, 75 min

A carefully composed observation of two newsrooms which, in March 2017, were avidly chasing after information about the Czech president’s decision whether or not to run for re-election. Two teams of reporters, one extraordinary event, and two takes on one “objective” piece of news.

Lucia’s Grace

Troppa Grazia EF
Directed by: Gianni Zanasi
Italy, 2018, 110 min

Lucia, a surveyor by profession, lives with her teenage daughter in a small town in the Veneto region. One day the Virgin Mary appears to her and instructs her to build a church on a site planned for the construction of a commercial centre. Lucia initially thinks her mind is playing tricks, but in the end, in order to fulfil the Madonna’s wish, she launches a battle with the authorities and investors. And with good reason as it turns out. Starring Alba Rohrwacher, Lucia’s Grace won an award from the Directors’ Fortnight at this year’s Cannes fest.


Hostiles EF
Directed by: Scott Cooper
USA, 2017, 134 min

The 20th century is just around the corner and resistance from the indigenous peoples of North America against concerted white efforts at genocide is now at a trickle. Traveling from Arizona to Montana, a dangerous pilgrimage by a motley crew is underway led by a taciturn American Army captain assigned to carry out what he considers an odious task – to escort a sick Cheyenne chief on his last journey. Starring Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, and Wes Studi.

Panic Attack

Atak paniki EF
Directed by: Paweł Maślona
Poland, 2017, 100 min

In his blackly humorous debut, talented director Paweł Maślona has submitted a consummate answer to the question whether or not a panic attack can be translated into film language. Dramatic moments in the lives of several unfortunates living in contemporary Warsaw are here presented with refreshing playfulness and a singular knack for mixing the tragic and the comic.

History of Love

Zgodovina ljubezni EF
Directed by: Sonja Prosenc
Slovenia / Italy / Norway, 2018, 105 min

Seventeen-year-old Iva is in the process of coming to terms with the death of her mother. Influenced by this deep personal loss and by the discovery that she didn’t know everything about her mom, the girl slowly immerses herself into a strange, almost dreamlike world. Sonja Prosenc’s movie is dominated by a distinctive poetic that attacks the viewer’s senses, as well as by a narratively loose style and an ability to construct a story with the aid of the subtlest of suggestions.


Podbrosy EF
Directed by: Ivan I. Tverdovskiy
Russia / Lithuania / Ireland / France, 2018, 90 min

Young Oksana put Denis in a baby box when he was an infant. Sixteen years later she steals him away from a children’s home, intent on making amends for her neglect. Denis, however, has no idea of the heavy price to be paid for his mother’s favour: the fragile boy has one unusual quality which Oksana has no qualms about exploiting.

Cold War

Zimna wojna
Directed by: Paweł Pawlikowski
Poland / France / United Kingdom, 2018, 84 min

The new picture by the director of the Academy Award-winning, black-and-white Ida was one of the most lauded competition entries at this year’s Cannes, with the award for Best Director confirming that claim. This enchanting story of fated love set in grey-tinged Poland (as well as in Berlin, Yugoslavia, and Paris) between 1949 in 1964 is both stirring and melancholy, as are the infectious tones of folk music and contemplative jazz that assume a special place in the film.

Putin’s Witnesses

Svideteli Putina EF
Directed by: Vitaly Mansky
Latvia / Switzerland / Czechia, 2018, 102 min

On December 31, 1999 Vladimir Putin ascended to the president’s chair in Russia. In his latest picture renowned documentarist Vitaly Mansky draws on witness accounts of the events that happened in the years following that fateful day. He then rounds it out with his own fascinating perspective and with the longtime unique experience of a man whom only a movie camera separated from upper echelon politics.

The World Is Yours

Le Monde est à toi EF
Directed by: Romain Gavras
France, 2018, 94 min

François deals drugs but he’ll only continue doing so until he saves up enough money to fulfil his dream – to become the official distributor of Mr. Freeze popsicles. However, things suddenly get out of hand and François is forced to take on one last job that will hopefully set things straight… A somewhat scatterbrained gang, consisting of his mum, two Mohammeds and his ex-stepfather, leaps into action.

Sweet Country

Sweet Country EF
Directed by: Warwick Thornton
Australia, 2017, 113 min

The Australian bush, Northern Territory, 1920s. Free Aborigine Sam gets on the wrong side of embittered war veteran Harry, who believes that the original inhabitants should still be wearing irons. This masterfully directed Australian Western about deeply embedded brutality and racism garnered the Special Jury Prize at Venice and the most coveted award at the Toronto IFF.

Happy as Lazzaro

Lazzaro Felice
Directed by: Alice Rohrwacher
Italy / Switzerland / France / Germany, 2018, 125 min

This year the Cannes jury conferred Best Screenplay on the third picture from Italian director Alice Rohrwacher, who also turned heads on the French Riviera with Corpo Celeste and The Wonders. Addressing the question whether or not friendship can travel through time, Rohrwacher responds with a dreamlike story of kindhearted Lazzaro, who takes various adventures armed with an unshakable faith in human beings.

The Guilty

Den Skyldige
Directed by: Gustav Möller
Denmark, 2018, 85 min

Asger is finishing one of the many annoying duties at the police station when he gets a call from a kidnapped woman. Can he help her quickly and with strategic savvy? Less is sometimes more, and Gustav Möller’s feature debut is a wonderful example of this. The filmmaker took the route of formal minimalism, keeping the camera inside the station the entire time. Thus the protagonist’s frustration at not being able to visit the crime scene is mirrored by the audience, which is left entirely to its own imaginative devices.


Fuga EF
Directed by: Agnieszka Smoczyńska
Poland / Czechia / Sweden, 2018, 103 min

An unknown woman suffering from memory loss turns up one day at Warsaw’s main station. Two years later, going by the name of Alicja, she is recognised in a television programme and goes back to her family. Yet will she be able to relate to people who were once close to her but are now complete strangers? This atmospheric psychological drama is dominated by a focused performance from Gabriela Muskała, who also wrote the script for the film..

Sink or Swim

Le grand bain EF
Directed by: Gilles Lellouche
France, 2018, 122 min

Downcast Bertrand is suffering a midlife crisis. When he answers an ad placed by a group looking for a new member for their male synchronised swimming team (we’re talking aquabeaux here), he has no idea that the amateur squad will not only bring him new friends but also a new lease of life. A comedy about holding your breath for as long as it takes to ensure life goes swimmingly.

Winter Flies

Všechno bude
Directed by: Olmo Omerzu
Czechia / Slovenia / Poland / Slovakia, 2018, 85 min

Mischievously self-assured Mára and somewhat eccentric Heduš set out into the frozen wastes in search of adventure – by car, naturally. After all, Mára’s turning fifteen soon. A road movie about the flies that occasionally buzz around even in winter, and a story – before it ends at the police station – that tells of the elusive bond of boyhood friendship and the irrepressible desire to experience something, even if you don't exactly know what.

Everybody Knows

Todos lo saben
Directed by: Asghar Farhadi
Spain / France / Italy, 2018, 132 min

Asghar Farhadi’s eighth offering Everybody Knows, which opened this year’s festival in Cannes, is another of his films to illustrate the complexities of human relationships and their ultimate transformation. Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires with her husband and children, hardly ever goes back to her native country. The events that unfold on her final visit there change everyone’s lives. A sharply honed family drama starring the outstanding Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem.


Wildlife EF
Directed by: Paul Dano
USA, 2018, 104 min

Acting icon of American independent film, Paul Dano debuts as director with an adaptation of a novel focusing on a thoughtful boy named Joe, whose adolescence in 1960s Montana is marked by his parents’ catastrophic marriage crisis. This solidly-built psychological drama features engaging performances from Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, and, above all, 16-year-old Ed Oxenbould.


Zama EF
Directed by: Lucrecia Martel
Argentina / Brazil / Spain, 2017, 115 min

A remote South American colony at the end of the 18th century. A Spanish official named Zama has been vainly expecting a letter from the king that is to sanction his transfer request to a more interesting locale. Hopefully it will arrive before he begins to show signs of the ill effects of years of isolation and frustration from peculiar bureaucratic willfulness. The fourth feature from the Argentinian icon of (post)modern film, a surreal and bizarre work, sometimes seems to treat viewers with a mischievous willfulness of its own.


Climax EF
Directed by: Gaspar Noé
France, 2018, 95 min

Birth and death are extraordinary experiences. Life is a fleeting pleasure.



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